A mearls is a play-by-poll D&D game where you don't choose between pre-written paths: you write your own.  Why is it called a mearls?
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Helena gives you the scrolls. "Learn these at your leisure--if you allow yourself any. You look as if you hadn't slept. The King rides against the Duke in two days, and I need you rested. I want you to command a dozen spellswords." Timmins adds, "Leander won't be awake till after noon anyway. You could rest, or you could brush up on your officer training. Have you led mounted troops before?"
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Dec 15
You and Timmins return to Helena's office and give your report. "Admirable," she says. "Lady Lynette flees in disgrace, leaving her knights without direction. As a bonus, you dispose of two lesser members of the Duke's guard. (+1000 XP: level up!) I promised you a spell scroll: take two. Fireball? Fly? Knock? Wizard Lock? Web? or one of our unique spells like Shocking Sword or Parry Arrows?"
Knock and Fly
Fly and Parry Arrows
Fly and Shocking Sword
Fireball and Shocking Sward
We are following an investigator's path, so Knock would be helpful. Also our armor makes us vulnerable to arrows, so Parry Arrows would be useful.
Fireball and Fly. We need some heavy blasting magic just in case, and Fly is just too useful plus being an excellent escape spell.
Shocking sword! (And let's pick one at a time.)
Dec 10
"It is dawn: I can find him still asleep and taste his memories," suggests Mandra. Timmins says, "Or, here's a less creepy idea, we can wait till he wakes up and talk to him."
"Each of you are wise my friends... we should do both and thus be forewarned when we speak with him. In the mean time let us speak with Helena and let her know of our success this day."
Do as Timmins suggests, wait until he wakes.
Do as Mandra suggests, and taste his memories. Then we can make a decision about whether to follow Timmins advice.
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