A mearls is a play-by-poll D&D game where you don't choose between pre-written paths: you write your own.  Why is it called a mearls?
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(DM rolls 1d4+1: 5!) (DM rolls 4d8: 14!) The guard staggers under your magical onslaught. You lock his gaze (DM rolls 1d20+3: 21!). The spellsword jumps across (DM rolls 1d20+3: 8!) clumsily and (DM rolls 1d20+2: 20!) slashes the guard with her glowing sword. He slumps down, asleep. You and your four spellswords have now put three guardsmen to sleep. What now?
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Apr 10
The guard readies his sword to impale the spellsword if she jumps across. It's an impasse; the spellsword can't jump safely but the guard can't knock down the door. Meanwhile, you bash on the ground floor door. (DM rolls 1d20: 7!) It's locked tight. From inside, (DM rolls 1d20: 16!) (DM rolls 1d6: 2!) a child's voice yells, "Leave me alone or I'll freeze you all to icicles!"
Yell "Here is an evildoer who wants to hurt us, if you freeze him, I'll give you a bottle of light!"
A quick mutter and magic missiles streak towards the guard, attempting to distract him long enough for the spellsword to jump safely across the gap.
In the name King let us in or be party to treason.
Apr 7
(DM rolls 1d20: 8!) The guard escapes down the alley. You and two spellswords give chase. The guard races up an unseasonably snowy outer staircase along the left wall of the alley and bangs on a stone door at the top, yelling, "Murder!" No one answers. As you follow him up the steps, he (DM rolls 1d20: 19!) jumps across the alley, lands on a second-floor balcony on the right side, and begins hacking at a flimsy wooden door.
Send one spellsword back to strip and bind the other guards. Send the other across the gap, and I'll come up from the ground floor. Make a note of where the snowy doorway is... I remember an emerald prophecy.
Use Charisma to distract the guard from hacking at the door while the spellswords close the distance. (and make note about the doorway!)
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