A mearls is a play-by-poll D&D game where you don't choose between pre-written paths: you write your own.  Why is it called a mearls?
 New Mearls!
Just to be clear - do you want to bring in Mandra to attack Leander and try to drink a new memory? or introduce her and describe her powers? or have her describe the memory she already drank from Leander? or something else?
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Jan 20
"'Then dear Iolo, let me, losing, conqueror be.' Apt quote. Although Iolo stabs Gwenno in that play." (DM rolls 1d20: 11!) Leander gestures to a chair. "Let's drop our masks. I suspect that you're not a lovestruck noble, and you suspect I'm not a simple thespian. I think you want something from me, and I'll tell you frankly, I'm perfectly willing to entertain offers."
"No masks it is. I want you to drop your support for the duke."
First, let me introduce you to my comrade, Mandra. then #1
Leander, you have the adoration of the crowds and rich rewards from your patrons. What could I possibly have to offer? But you sent 50 men to support the duke against the king and this is treason...
Jan 8
"Oh! I forgot to mention. Mandra drank a memory," Timmins shivers, (DM rolls 1d6: 3!) "of Leander as a hungry beggar child singing for coppers. Make of that what you will." You find your way to Leander's room backstage. "Ah, the mysterious Lady Mearls!" Leander flashes a gorgeous grin. "I heard you put on quite a performance this morning. The Duel, a Comedy in One Act. Am I your next conquest?"
Oh my dear Sir, you do flatter me too much... peace is of the nature of a conquest; for then both parties nobly are subdued, and neither party the loser.
"I do not seek conquest, only the betterment of my hosts here. I am outrunning a prophecy and believe that you have a part to play in bringing destruction to all around us. Pray tell, what is the nature of your allegience to the Duke?"
"Yes. Please disrobe."
"Rather I'm yours, dear Leander." (charm)
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