A mearls is a play-by-poll D&D game where you don't choose between pre-written paths: you write your own.  Why is it called a mearls?
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Timmins takes you to Helena's secretary, who shares his notes. "Lord du Gast, Master of Horse, has grown rich by dangling the cavalry's loyalty before king and duke in turn. A King's man today, or so I thought. Lady Lynette was a back-country squire until granted title by the Duke, a loyal member of his entourage, in bed with a medical complaint. About Leander's politics we know exactly nothing."
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Aug 18
(DM rolls 2d6: 10!) You and Timmins fence. "Oh, Leander is a very fine actor over at the Argent! He's playing Paladinus in Dance of the Clowns. Half the noblewomen are in love with him. I didn't know he was political." He lowers his sword. "You're as bad a fencer as most wizards when they join the Spellswords--myself included. You'll need a few months of training. Master Gallius will train you in the evenings."
"Can you take me to the archives? I'd like to review the dossiers for Leander, Lord du Gast, and Lady Lynette."
Let's hope we don't have do make a fool of ourselves in front of the King... "Timmins, how about a short stroll to the Argent, before we have to appear at court?"
Aug 15
You have dinner at the barracks and then retire to your private room. You transcribe and memorize Detect Thoughts. You also study your bundle of notes on Shocking Grasp. (DM rolls 1d20+4: 23!) You now know how to charge a copper object with a Shocking Grasp spell - it will fire when touched. (100 XP) Timmins meets you the next morning. "We meet the king at noon," he says. "Is there anything you wish to do first?"
Can anyone tell me anything about Leander? Perhaps while taking an hour of basic sword training?
"Timmins, where can I look over the Royal Spellswords' files? I've encountered Lady Lynette's village and spoken with Lord du Gast's son, but I have no knowledge of Leander; I really need to learn more about all three."
Take a piss, cast Detect Thoughts, and emerge to question Timmins about stuff while we check to see if he's a secret traitor.
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